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Navigate your document challenges effortlessly with Scan.Plus. Whether you need to compress files for easy sharing, scan, convert documents to different formats, extract text from images, or organize your content seamlessly, we've got you covered.

what is a PDF file

What is a PDF file?

A PDF (Portable Document Format), is a file format that presents text and images in a consistent layout. It ensures the preservation of document formatting when shared across different devices and operating systems. PDFs can be viewed using various software applications, making them versatile for personal and professional use.

what is a scan tool icon

What is a SCAN tool?

A document scanner refers to a software or a system designed to digitize physical documents, images, or objects, converting them into electronic formats. These tools are integral to transforming paper-based information into digital files, making data easily accessible, storable, and shareable.

what is jpg file

What is a JPG file?

A JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file is a popular image format that uses compression to reduce file size, making it ideal for storing and sharing photos on the web. JPG files are supported by virtually all image viewing and editing software, which makes them highly versatile for both personal and professional applications.

what is png file

What is a PNG file?

A PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an image format known for its lossless compression, meaning it retains all image data and quality regardless of how many times it's opened or saved. It's particularly useful for images with transparent backgrounds or those requiring high levels of detail. PNG files are widely supported by web browsers and image editing software, making them suitable for web design, digital art, and professional graphics work.

7 Benefits of using document management tools

  1. Save space and storage
  2. Enhance accessibility
  3. Improve file sharing
  4. Time savings and efficiency
  5. Consistent document quality
  6. Document security
  7. Reduce use of paper documents app tools featuresexport document to pdf online app

Why Scan.Plus’ Productivity Tools?

Scan.Plus is a leading online scanning solution, entrusted by over 3 million users across the globe. It stands out as a cross-platform service, emphasizing data security and productivity enhancements.

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We respect your privacy

We offer some of the strongest security and privacy protections to safeguard your data across all our tools. Our compliances include:

ISO/IEC 27001
SOC 2 Type 2
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We use OCR technology

With our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, you can extract texts from your scanned files.

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How can I scan and export documents to PDF?

You can easily scan and export documents to PDF by downloading the Scan.Plus mobile app. You simply need to scan your document and export it as a PDF in a few seconds.

What tools are available to convert PDF to text?

Built-in Text Recognition (OCR) tool recognizes and converts scanned text into editable text. It is fast, accurate, and supports multiple languages.

Why should I compress PNG files?

Compressing PNG files reduces their size, making them quicker to upload, download, and share. It also helps save storage space without significant loss of image quality.

What are document productivity tools?

Productivity tools are designed to help individuals or companies accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively. These tools aim at enhancing time management, organization, collaboration, and worfklow optimization. Some example of these document productivity tools offer the possibility to compress, convert, scan, remove, and merge.

How can I convert PNG to PDF?

You can easily convert PNG to PDF on your phone by downloading the Scan.Plus app. Simply go on the scan tab located at the bottom of your screen and then tap on the Media icon. From there, select Photos and look for the PNG file(s) you have on your phone. Once our AI technology finish scanning the image, tap on the export icon at the top right of your screen, select PDF, and share/save at your convenience.

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