Easily scan documents with your mobile or tablet device, enhancing them with advanced editing features. Use OCR to convert scanned files into editable and searchable text.
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What is OCR in PDF?

The OCR technology revolutionizes the way we interact with documents, making them easily searchable, editable, and adaptable to various digital formats.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. In the context of PDF files, OCR refers to the technology used to recognize and extract text from scanned documents or images within the PDF. This allows the text to be searched, copied, edited, and manipulated just like text in a regular digital document, even though the original document may have been a scanned image or a non-editable PDF.

It enables users to perform tasks such as searching for specific words or phrases within the document, copying text for reuse in other documents, and editing the content as needed.

How does OCR work? (3 steps)

1. Image acquisition

Image acquisition is the first step in OCR technology, where your phone is used to scan a document and convert it into binary data. This process is crucial in providing the necessary data for the OCR software to begin the extraction.

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2. Converting to binary data

Upon scanning, the OCR software  analyzes the image and converts it into binary data. This means the software separates the light and dark areas, with light as the background and dark as the text.

This transformation allows the software to differentiate text from the image, facilitating efficient character extraction.

3. Text recognition

At the core of OCR technology lies text recognition, employing two primary methods:

  1. Pattern matching, which identifies specific patterns or structures within the data.
  2. Feature extraction, which isolates critical features from the raw data for further analysis.
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How to use OCR technology with Scan.Plus mobile app?

1. Download Scan.Plus mobile App
2. Scan your document
3. Tap on Edit
4. Select Image to Text

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The best document scanning App using OCR

Empowered by advanced scanning technology, Scan.Plus guarantees clarity, precision, and sharpness in every scan. Whether it's text or an image, your scans will capture every intricate detail.

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Automatic image cropping and straightening, ensuring clear and readable scanned documents.

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Effortlessly erase any part of the document or remove document imperfections.

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Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert scanned images into editable and searchable text.

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Take advantage of multi-page scanning capability.

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Use smart editing tools, including options to crop, adjust, and apply filters.

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Effortlessly sign or fax scanned documents directly from within the app.

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Merge multiple pages into a single PDF for streamlined document organization. Save your scanned images and documents as PDF or JPG files for easy access and sharing.

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Adjust brightness, contrast, and color settings of scanned images.


What does OCR stand for?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and refers to a technology that helps computers understand and recognize text in pictures. For example, when you scan a piece of paper, OCR can help the computer recognize and extract the words written on it so that you can edit or search for them electronically.

What languages does OCR support?

The OCR technology can supports many languages. Our Scan.Plus OCR tool recognize the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

How to edit text on a scanned document?

To edit text on a scanned document, simply download the Scan.Plus App on IOS or Android and scan your document. Once this is done, click on the three dots at the top right of your device and tap on “Image to Text”. The OCR technology will do its magic and convert your document into text. From there, you can just add, remove, copy, paste text as you wish.

Start scanning now.

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