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Why scanning documents to JPG?

Converting scanned documents to JPG offers multiple benefits. JPG files are universally compatible and have reduced file sizes, making them ideal for seamless sharing across devices and platforms. Their versatility in supporting various image types and simple editing capabilities further enhance usability.

Additionally, as the preferred format for web display, JPG ensures optimal compatibility online. Overall, JPG simplifies document management, facilitating efficient sharing and collaboration.

Easy access and compatibility

JPG files are supported across devices and platforms, ensuring effortless viewing and sharing of documents. With reduced file sizes through compression, JPGs streamline document storage and transmission, making them ideal for quick access and seamless collaboration.

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Seamless integration into workflows

JPG files ensure smooth integration across different platforms and systems, allowing for easy incorporation into existing document management processes. Their reduced file sizes allow for smooth incorporation into presentations or systems without any compatibility issues.

Compression without losing quality

With Scan.Plus, your scanned files are automatically compressed without sacrificing quality. Just snap a photo of your document, scan it with Scan.Plus, and witness the smaller, high-quality result for yourself!

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How to export scanned documents as JPG?

Use your phone to scan documents on our app, ranging from hand written notes to receipts, ID cards, business cards, contract, or meeting notes. Simply click on the

at the top right of your phone screen and then select JPG as a format.

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The best online scanning service

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Automatic image cropping and straightening, ensuring clear and readable scanned documents.

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Effortlessly erase any part of the document or remove document imperfections.

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Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert scanned images into editable and searchable text.

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Take advantage of multi-page scanning capability.

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Use smart editing tools, including options to crop, adjust, and apply filters.

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Effortlessly sign or fax scanned documents directly from within the app.

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Merge multiple pages into a single PDF for streamlined document organization. Save your scanned images and documents as PDF or JPG files for easy access and sharing.

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Adjust brightness, contrast, and color settings of scanned images.


What is the best App for scanning documents and converting them to JPG?

While multiple apps are available for scanning documents and converting them to JPG, the best choice for you is the one that will fulfills your specific needs. The Scan.Plus app digitizes a range of documents such as contracts, meeting notes, private documents, receipts, and ID cards. Additionally, it employs OCR technology to extract text from any document or image, ensuring comprehensive functionality. Moreover, safeguarding your document's security and privacy is our utmost concern. To conclude, if these specs align with your requirements, then Scan.Plus rank itself #1 app for you.

Can I scan documents and convert them to JPG directly on my iPhone or iPad?

Absolutely. With the Scan.Plus iOS App, you can effortlessly scan documents and convert them to JPG within seconds. Just use your device's camera to capture any document, and our AI scanning technology will scan your document and you will just need to export it as JPG.

Is the Scan.Plus App equipped by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology?

Yes it is. The Scan.Plus App features built-in OCR technology, is available within the app and includes numerous languages recognition. This tool allows you to transform scanned images or PDF documents (containing text) into machine-readable text in mere seconds.

Is it possible to categorize scanned files for easier management in Scan.Plus?

Yes, absolutely! Scan.Plus offers the flexibility to categorize your scanned documents according to various types such as receipts, ID cards, business cards, contracts, or meeting notes. This feature enables you to organize and manage your documents efficiently, ensuring easy access whenever needed.

Start scanning now.

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