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Online photo scanners offer a convenient and accessible way to convert your physical photos into digital files, allowing you to easily store, share, and organize them. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about using online photo scanners.
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online photo scanner app

What is an Online Photo Scanner App?

An online photo scanner app is a tool that allows you to take a photo of a physical photo and convert it into a digital file. This tool often utilizes image processing technologies to enhance the scanned photos, removing shadows and adjusting brightness for a clear digital copy. Some online scanner apps such as Scan.Plus offer features like automatic cropping and text recognition (OCR) for photos containing text.

How to Choose the Best Online Photo Scanner App?

While there is a long list of online photo scanner apps available, the Scan.Plus mobile app stands out as one of the best options. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing your photo scanner app such as:

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Need to crop, adjust color, erase, or sort your photos by category? You can do all of that within the Scan.Plus mobile app. 

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Several free online scanners exist, but some features or higher quality scans may require a paid subscription. Scan.Plus is totally free, and you will not have to worry about any additional fees or ads.

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Image quality

When scanning a photo from your mobile device, it is important to maintain high quality. For that reason, Scan.Plus gives you the possibility to choose your document resolution from very low to high resolution.

How to Digitize Photos?

A great way to digitize photos nowadays is to use your smartphone. Your phone as you might know it is considered to be a portable photo scanner, and is the fastest way to scan photos on the go.However, image quality is one thing to be aware of. For optimal results, your phone camera resolution must be good enough, otherwise it will impact your scanning experience. 

Find a professional photo digitizing service near you. If your device’s camera resolution is not high enough, we recommend searching for a professional photo digitizing service. These services use specialized scanners that often produce superior quality scans compared to an average smartphone camera. 

Otherwise, if you own an Apple device, you can scan from iPhone, and if you own one of the latest Android devices, you can also scan from Android for free.

3 simple steps on how to digitize photos using an app


Download Scan.Plus App

Download Scan.Plus mobile or tablet app to scan documents from anywhere, anytime.

Scan Documents with Ease

Transform your device into a powerful, portable photo scanner with Scan.Plus.

Edit, Organize, Share

Crop, merge, adjust colors, erase and organize photos to easily share them however you desire.

Our Top 5 Scanning Tips for Photos

  1. Avoid tilting your phone. It is ideal to keep your mobile it straight when you’re scanning.
  2. Vertical photographs should be scanned with your phone held vertically, while horizontal photographs should be scanned with your phone held horizontally.
  3. To frame your photo better, the physical photo should be on a flat surface. Avoid scanning on textured surfaces like carpets.
  4. To avoid glare or shadows on your scans, make sure the lighting conditions are appropriate. For example, turn on flash if necessary, or move to a place with better lighting.
  5. If there are issues with your scan, try scanning again!
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Digitize Old Photos With Your Phone

Digitizing old photos with your smartphone is easier than ever due to the arrival of AI and scanning apps being powered by AI. 

Simply take your old photos out of their box, and use a scanning app like Scan.Plus to convert them in a digital format. Use the Scan.Plus app, place your photo in front of the camera, and tap on the scan icon. Your old photo will then be digitally scanned and ready to be securely stored in your mobile device. Learn about the benefits of scanning old photos:


Scanning old photos allows you to preserve them better over time, and avoid deterioration. Digital copies ensure your memories are safe, secure and accessible for the future.

Editing and Restoration

Many photo editing tools can be used to enhance the quality of your scanned photos. You can potentially improve color accuracy, adjust brightness and contrast, or even remove minor imperfections, breathing new life into old memories.


No more photo albums or emailing large image files. Digital photos can be easily uploaded to social media, shared with family through cloud storage, or even displayed electronically on screensavers or digital frames.


For photos with tears and creases, is it possible to increase the quality through the Scan.Plus photo scanning app?

Yes, the scanning detects some imperfections the photo might have such as tears or creases and improves its quality.

What resolution should I scan my photos at?

The ideal choice will be to select the highest image quality available. To do so, go into the settings of the Scan.Plus app, and select “document resolution,” and “high.”

Start scanning now.

Scan.Plus is a secure mobile scanner available for individuals and businesses completely for free

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