How to Scan on Android?

Scan PDF or JPG documents easily from your Android device.
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3 Steps on How to Scan Documents from Your Android with Scan.Plus

Our Android app provides a user-friendly interface designed to enhance your scanning experience. Scan.Plus is ideal for both individuals and professionals seeking an efficient way to manage paperless documents. It allows for easy organization by category and facilitates the sharing of critical files on the move.

Scan.Plus seamlessly integrates with leading cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud, making sure your scanned documents are always within reach on any device. Whether it's collaborating with team members or accessing essential files remotely, our app streamlines this process to maintain your productivity, regardless of your location.

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1. Turn Your Android into a Scanner

Find the Scan.Plus App in the Google Play Store and download it onto your Android at no cost. With its user-friendly and powerful scanning features, you can easily turn your Android into a versatile portable scanner, simplifying the process of document digitization for unparalleled efficiency.

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Turn Your iPhone into a Scanner

2. Organize your scanned files by categories

Whether it’s contracts, receipts, or ID cards, Scan.Plus is equipped to manage various documents. Just aim your device's camera at the document you wish to scan, and our cutting-edge scanning technology takes care of the rest, capturing clear and precise digital copies.

3. Enhance productivity and manage documents

After scanning, you can review, edit, or share your documents from your Android. The Scan.Plus App offers customization options like filters, signatures, text extraction tools, and more, enhancing your digital document handling. Make your paperwork digital, personalized, and more manageable with Scan.Plus.

Enhance productivity and manage documents

Scan and Secure Documents with Your Android Using Scan.Plus

We offer comprehensive security and confidentiality safeguards for your data. Using Scan.Plus allows you to scan and protect your documents effortlessly from your Android, with the assurance that your information is secured by cutting-edge protective measures.

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The best online scanning app for Android devices

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Scan and create single or multi-page PDF documents using your Android.

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Adjust, rotate, organize, and remove pages within your documents.

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Sync your scanned documents with Scan.Plus cloud storage.

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Share PDFs via email or apps like Gmail and Dropbox.

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Optimize scans for size and color directly on your Android.

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Use OCR to extract and modify text from scans.


Which scanning app is best for my Android device?

While different scanning apps exist for converting documents to PDFs, finding one that meets your specific needs is crucial. Scan.Plus stands out by offering comprehensive digitization capabilities for a variety of documents including contracts, work-related files, receipts, and ID cards. It incorporates OCR technology to seamlessly extract text from documents or images while ensuring your data's security and privacy. Scan.Plus is an excellent choice if these features match your requirements.

Can I scan multiple pages into a single document on Android?

Yes, the Scan.Plus app for Android enables you to consolidate multiple scanned pages into one cohesive document on Android. Simply, continue scanning the pages within the same job, and the app will intuitively compile them into a singular file. This flexibility allows you to append or remove pages as needed later on.

Is it possible to scan a variety of document types, such as receipts and business cards, securely on my Android?

Absolutely, the Scan.Plus app on Android is versatile and can securely digitize any document type, from receipts to business cards. Post-scan, you have the option to neatly categorize and file them into designated folders for better organization.

How can I share scanned documents from my Android?

With the Scan.Plus app on Android, sharing your scanned documents is straightforward. Simply tap the share or export button, usually found at the top right of the screen, and select your preferred method of distribution, including email, messaging, fax, or uploading to cloud storage services.

Start scanning now.

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