What Is A Digital Document Management System (DMS)?

A Document Management System (DMS) is a software solution designed to organize, manage, store, and track electronic documents (including digital images) of paper-based information. It facilitates the digitization of physical documents, making them accessible, searchable, and manageable in a digital format.
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How Scanning Apps and Document Management Systems (DMS) Work Together to Enhance Workflows?

A scanning app such as Scan.Plus serves as the entry point for digitizing physical documents, while the DMS provides the framework for organizing, managing, securing, and sharing these digital documents. Together, they facilitate efficient, secure, and accessible document management, transforming traditional paper-based processes into streamlined digital workflows and go paperless.

Digital document management involves a series of processes and technologies designed to create, store, organize, manage, and secure digital documents throughout their lifecycle. Here's how Scan.Plus enhances and simplifies these processes:

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Scan and Digitize Paper Documents (Go Paperless)

Scan.Plus uses advanced AI-powered scanning technology to convert paper documents into digital formats. With high-quality image capture and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Scan.Plus ensures that text from scanned documents is extracted accurately, making them fully searchable and editable. These documents are stored in digital formats such as PDF, ensuring they are ready for efficient management.

Additionally, if users need to sign documents electronically, there is no need to print them. They can complete the entire process on their mobile or desktop using an equipped app such as Sign.Plus, allowing for seamless, paperless document management and signing. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances the convenience and security of handling important documents.

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Store Scanned Documents

Once documents are digitized using a scanning app, they can be stored within the app or transferred to a document management software. A DMS provides a centralized repository for these digital documents, allowing users to organize them into folders and categories. This structured system makes it easier to manage and retrieve documents when needed. 

As previously mentioned above, keeping all your documents within a scanning app is also possible, as is the case with the Scan.Plus app. You can categorize your documents and filter your documents as you want based on category. This simplifies the access to your documents from any device even without an internet connection.

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Security and Compliance

A Document Manager System (DMS) offers enhanced security features such as encryption, access controls, and audit trails, protecting scanned documents from unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Scanning apps typically have basic security features, but when documents are transferred to a DMS, they benefit from these advanced security measures.

Regarding Scan.Plus, we use advanced and robust data encryption to secure your confidential information. Your privacy is our top priority and we want to ensure complete data encryption, and safeguard your sensitive information from unauthorized access. We want you to rest easy knowing that your scanned documents are protected within a secure environment.

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Share Documents Online and Collaborate

Both a scanning app and a DMS typically support document sharing. Users can share documents in various file formats (e.g., PDF, JPEG) directly from the scanning app or through the DMS. This functionality facilitates collaboration, allowing team members or external parties to access and work on documents seamlessly.

Scan.Plus allows users to share PDF documents directly via email. With email integration, users can scan a document within the Scan.Plus interface, convert it as a PDF document, and send it to recipients without even switching applications.

Need to share documents on popular cloud storage services like Dropbox or One Drive? Scan.Plus users can upload scanned PDF documents directly to their Dropbox accounts, making them accessible from any device. This integration streamlines document sharing and ensures that files are securely stored in the cloud.

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Which Industries Benefit Most from Document Management Systems & Scanning Solutions?


Healthcare providers manage extensive patient records, medical charts, and administrative documents. By digitizing patient records with a scanning app and storing them in a DMS, healthcare organizations can improve patient care delivery, ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, and enhance operational efficiency through streamlined document workflows.

Financial Services

Accounting plays a crucial role in financial services, including banking, insurance, and investment firms. These institutions handle a wide range of financial documents, such as balance sheets, income statements, tax filings, and audit reports. By digitizing and managing financial documents with a scanning app and a document management system (DMS), financial services can simplify accounting processes, improve financial reporting accuracy, and enhance compliance with regulatory standards.

In addition to managing these documents digitally with a scanning app, financial service providers can benefit from our free complimentary accounting contract template. This template covers a range of financial agreements, including payment fees, taxes, confidentiality, ownership of work, warranties, and government laws. By leveraging this template alongside digitized document management solutions, financial institutions can streamline contract creation processes, ensure legal compliance, and enhance operational efficiency.


Construction companies deal with documentation related to project plans, blueprints, regulatory permits, and contractual agreements. In addition to managing these documents digitally with a scanning app and a document management system (DMS), construction firms can benefit from access to a free construction contract template. This template covers a range of construction agreements, including subcontractor agreements, project proposals, terms, permits, helping companies simplify contract creation processes, mitigate legal risks, and ensure consistency in project documentation. 

By digitizing and managing construction documents with a scanning app and a DMS, companies can also improve project management, streamline communication among project stakeholders, and enhance compliance with safety and regulatory requirements.

Real Estate

Real estate firms handle documents such as property management contracts, or lease agreements contracts. By digitizing and managing real estate documents with a scanning app and a DMS, firms can smooth transaction processes, improve client service, and ensure compliance with real estate regulations and legal requirements. 

Moreover, our signature tool offers realtors a seamless solution for finalizing agreements and contracts. In addition to digitizing documents, this tool allows realtors to sign legally-binding contracts electronically with complete security. This enables them to efficiently manage the signing process, whether they are meeting clients in person or conducting transactions remotely. With this online tool, realtors can streamline their workflow, go paperless, and provide clients with a convenient and secure signing experience, enhancing overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

Legal Industry

Law firms handle vast amounts of paper-based documentation everyday, including case files, contracts, and legal briefs. By digitizing these documents using a scanning app and managing them within a DMS, legal professionals can manage document storage, and improve collaboration, ensuring quick access to critical information and enhancing client service.

The Best Document Management Systems

  • Templafy for creating a range of files within the system and manage them from a single feed.
  • M-File for alerting you if a document has been saved twice.
  • DocuWare for integrating cloud storage and office automation to create a digital workplace.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint for efficient collaboration, storage, organization, and sharing of documents within an organization.


Is Google Drive a document management system?

Google Drive, while not a traditional Document Management System (DMS), does offer many features commonly found in a DMS and can function as a basic DMS for many users and organizations.

Can a DMS handle different types of documents?

Yes, a DMS can handle a wide variety of document types, including text documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned images, emails, and more.

Is it difficult to transition from a paper-based system to a DMS?

Transitioning from a paper-based system to a DMS involves digitizing existing paper documents and training staff on the new system. While it can be an involved process, the long-term benefits of improved efficiency and reduced clutter often outweigh the initial effort.

What is the best document management software?

The best document management software includes Microsoft SharePoint, known for its seamless integration with Microsoft Office; DocuWare, valued for its user-friendly interface and strong integration capabilities; M-Files, which simplifies document organization with metadata; Laserfiche, offering robust compliance and security features; and Google Workspace, which provides easy-to-use, real-time collaboration tools.

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