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Scan documents easily from your iPad or tablet camera and easily export them as PDF or JPG.
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3 Steps on How to Scan Documents from Your iPad with Scan.Plus

Scan.Plus for iPad stands as your go-to iOS app for effortlessly transforming documents into digital form with efficiency. In an age where paperwork abounds, Scan.Plus emerges as a reliable tool,  blending simplicity with sophisticated features to enhance your scanning tasks.

Leverage your iPad's camera to smoothly transition from paper to digital, capturing documents with a simple tap. Fine-tune brightness, contrast, and color settings to guarantee your scans are consistently clear and polished.

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1. Download Scan.Plus App for iPad

Find the Scan.Plus App in the App Store and download it onto your iPad at no cost. With its user-friendly and powerful scanning features, you can easily turn your iPad into a versatile portable scanner, simplifying the process of document digitization for unparalleled efficiency.

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Turn Your ipad into scanner

2. Turn Your iPad into a Scanner

Launch the Scan.Plus app and aim your device's camera at the document. Our sophisticated AI scanning technology will detect your document, scan it, and remove the background, simplifying the process and enhancing the scan's quality.

3. Enhance productivity and organize documents

Once you've scanned your documents, you have the option to review, edit, or share them directly from your iPad. Organize them into categories like meeting notes, receipts, contracts, forms, and more for easy retrieval in the future.

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Scan and Secure  Documents with Your iPad Using Scan.Plus

We offer comprehensive security and confidentiality safeguards for your data. Using Scan.Plus allows you to scan and protect your documents effortlessly from your iPad or tablet, with the assurance that your information is secured by cutting-edge protective measures.

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The best online scanning app for iPad

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Scan and create single or multi-page PDFs on your iPad or tablet.

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Adjust, rotate, organize, and remove pages within your documents.

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Sync your scanned documents with Scan.Plus cloud storage.

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Share PDFs via email or apps like Gmail and Dropbox.

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Optimize scans for size and color directly on your iPad or tablet.

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Use OCR to extract and modify text from scans.


How can I scan a document and attach it to an email using an iPad?

To attach a scanned document to an email on your iPad, use the Scan.Plus app. Capture your document using the iPad's camera within the app. After the AI technology processes the scan, tap the share/export icon
situated at the upper right of the screen, then select the Mail option to attach the scanned document directly to an email.

What are the sharing options available within the Scan.Plus app?

Scan.Plus offers a wide range of options for sharing your scanned documents. These include sending via email, messaging apps like WhatsApp, uploading to cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and printing directly from the app if required.

Is Scan.Plus app user-friendly?

Absolutely. Scan.Plus simplifies the transition from physical to digital documents in just three easy steps: download the app, scan your document using the camera, and export or save the document. This straightforward approach ensures a hassle-free experience for users at any skill level.

Start scanning now.

Scan.Plus is a secure mobile scanner available for individuals and businesses completely for free

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